Bobber with a Brain (1 Fishing Bobber)

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  • This Bobber automatically holds your baits off the bottom, suspended above debris and rocks.
  • Slight pulls on your line, the baits wiggle or “jig”, moving bait 2 or 3 inches up & down.
  • It will reduce Snags by lifting your sinker straight up when reeling in.
  • Proven Fishing System-Online Sales 8 YEARS on the WEB..
  • Use the top part as three different slip bobbers.

Hey, What do you fish for? Let’s say you love fishing Bass, you see these guys on boats using Drop Shot rigs and dancing baits OFF THE BOTTOM. Well, stay on shore and OFF BOTTOM fish like youre on a boat. Awesome for Crappie, Trout, Panfish, Walleye, and more!

What does the Bobber With A Brain do? (You’ll love this!) When you cast out, the bobber lays on its side in the water. Slipping your line out as your sinker travels down. When it hits the bottom, the Bobber fills with water and tilts up. When it tilts, the Bobber With A Brain stops/locks your line! When it tilts up straight, your BAITS STAY UP OFF BOTTOM, at the distance you tie them UP your line from the SINKER! Imagine a Tight Line from the top of the bobber to the sinker on the bottom. WOW! You just slightly pull the line and the Bobber tilts down, WIGGLING THE BAITS! — BANG — Action all evening! (Makes Artificial baits move like they are ALIVE!)

This product Actually sets your baits, SUSPENDED OFF THE BOTTOM, away from bottom debris and in a 360 degree FULL ATTACK VISIBLE POSITION.

Approved by the North American Fishing Club – Testimonials from Worldwide customers and it’s a FUN FAMILY type product for the young and pros alike!

Look for our Videos on famous video pages around the web. This Bobber/Float System is Exciting and Changes the Way you fish! Great gift for an Outdoor Person who says they have seen it all! Or did they?

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